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Earn $4,000 by helping your friends grow

Invite your friends to Wayflyer and earn up to $4,000 in cash when they get funded
Refer your friend

Used by the world's fastest growing eCommerce brands

how to refer your friend

Earn up to $4,000 in 3 simple steps

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Introduce your friend by filling out the referral form.
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The Wayflyer team will discuss funding options with your friend
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If your friend gets funded by Wayflyer, we'll send you a referral fee in cash!
Refer your friend

The more funding your friends take, the greater your rewards

Earn $1,000
$250k - $1m
in funding
Earn $2,000
$1m - $2m
in funding
Earn $3,000
$2m - $3m
in funding
Earn $4,000
$3m +
in funding


Better fees, better outcomes

We care. A lot. With Wayflyer, eCommerce businesses get funding at the best terms with extra support to help them grow.

Better fees

We know founders care about fees. With Wayflyer, businesses always get the best possible fees. We tailor funding to your cash flow cycle, making sure you always have the funding you need to grow your business.

Top-class customer service

With Wayflyer, all customers get a dedicated Account Manager to take the stress out funding and help you with any challenges you face, big or small.

Funds in your bank account

You shouldn’t have restrictions on how you spend your money. That’s why we send the funds directly to your bank account, giving you control of how and when you spend your cash.

Support beyond funding

When you win, we win. That’s why we give you access to extra services like Wayflyer Optimiser. We’ll help you improve your marketing performance, acquire more customers and increase profitability.


You will receive an email from Wayflyer explaining that your referral was succesful and that your payment is on it's way.

Once your referral is successful - we'll be in touch to get your payment details to ensure we can send you your reward.

We only provide a reward when the person you refer takes funding from Wayflyer.

Nope. There is no limit to how many people you can successfully refer. The more you refer, the more you'll earn.

We will allocate the referral to the first person who referred the contact to Wayflyer.

Refer your friend today and earn up to $4,000

Give your friends the gift of growth