Wayflyer undergoes rebrand, reflecting renewed mission

    Wayflyer, the revenue-based financing and growth platform for eCommerce businesses, today unveils its new brand, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey and commitment to empowering independent businesses. This comes after Wayflyer achieved monthly profitability late last year and pushes to become fully profitable in 2024.

    Wayflyer’s rebrand includes a refreshed visual identity and renewed mission. The themes of energy, growth and partnership are at the heart of the new brand.

    Logo: The redesigned logo features progressive, angled lines forming a dynamic 'W', symbolising forward movement and high potential.

    Colour Palette: A stronger colour palette has been introduced, centered around an enhanced green, complemented with black and white palette.

    Photography: A creative direction for photography has been established to celebrate the products of the brands Wayflyer funds, moving away from generic stock imagery.

    The brand refresh aligns with Wayflyer’s commitment to fostering growth and making a positive impact by helping the best products come to market by empowering great brands to reach their growth potential. Wayflyer knows how to read business health signals and spot brands ready for growth. Combining market-leading intelligence with flexible capital, Wayflyer continues to support 3,000+ eCommerce merchants globally, with growth coming from across all markets.

    Aidan Corbett, Co-founder and CEO at Wayflyer commented: “It’s no secret that the eCommerce sector has undergone significant change over the past few years. Wayflyer has played a critical role in helping thousands of eCommerce businesses thrive in this environment, allowing them to reach their full potential.”

    “Our updated brand more accurately reflects our purpose as a business. We want to live in a world where great products are made by people, not just giant companies. Where they are born out of personal challenges, shaped by personal expertise, and driven by personal commitment. The global economy may not be set up to support businesses that are personal, but we are.”

    Wayflyer specializes in providing funding to eCommerce businesses, helping them solve critical working capital problems that can constrain growth. By improving cash flow its customers are able to seize new opportunities such as acquiring additional stock, increasing marketing spend or simply improving the profitability and resilience of their business.