Seed Golf

    Sporting Goods

    United Kingdom

    Seed Golf, hitting the sweet spot between quality and affordability, partnered with Wayflyer to elevate their D2C game.


    Seed Golf, an Irish trailblazer in golf equipment, faced the classic start-up challenge: scaling up swiftly without compromising quality. Their direct-to-consumer model disrupted the market with affordable, high-quality golf balls, but rapid success brought unforeseen hurdles.

    Predicting inventory needs months in advance was tricky, and a sudden endorsement from influential UK influencers caused a spike in demand, straining their cash flow. Expanding their product range to include essential accessories such as golf bags and umbrellas intensified their need for flexible funding solutions.

    "If you get a situation where something happens and something kind of takes off, you don't have enough products or you can't afford to have enough product, then you kind of miss that opportunity." Dean Klatt, Founder, Seed Golf


    Navigating these challenges, Seed Golf recognized the need for agile and understanding financial partners. Traditional banking routes, laden with red tape and slow decision-making, were ill-suited for their dynamic business model.

    Enter Wayflyer, offering a rapid, tailor-made funding solution. Wayflyer's ability to quickly grasp Seed Golf's potential and provide immediate financial support was pivotal, allowing Seed Golf to capitalize on unexpected market opportunities and sustain their growth trajectory without delay.

    I think there's definitely some value in being able to get funding when we need it rather than waiting 2 or 3 months for someone to make a decision and then the opportunity disappears.


    The partnership with Wayflyer marked a turning point for Seed Golf. Empowered with timely funding, they consolidated their market position in Ireland and the UK and set sights on the lucrative US market, representing 60% of the global golf economy.

    Wayflyer's flexible financing enabled Seed Golf to manage inventory effectively, respond to market demands promptly, and embark on an ambitious expansion plan. As Seed Golf eyes further international growth, Wayflyer's role as a financial catalyst continues to be integral to their journey of scaling new heights in the competitive golf industry.

    For us to realise our potential we have to really be able to scale up in the US. So that'll create additional pressures on financing and I'm sure Wayflyer will play a part in that all the way through our growth.

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