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    We take a look at how Ghost Golf, a dynamic golf industry innovator, partnered with Wayflyer to ensure it always has enough inventory to meet soaring demand


    Ghost Golf, headquartered in Irvine, CA, was born from COVID in 2020. With more time to play 18 holes and practice on the range, founder Andy Nalla started developing ideas for new golf accessories. The brand quickly rose to prominence in the golfing world with innovative products like their signature magnetic golf towel and stylish golf bags.

    Despite their significant sales, they faced a crucial hurdle: maintaining inventory levels. They were growing extremely fast but didn’t have the cash flow to purchase enough inventory to keep up. After Black Friday 2022, Ghost Golf was completely sold out with no stock to meet demand for the holiday period. Andy estimates that they left $1.5m to $2m in sales on the table due to not having inventory available to meet consumer demand. He vowed never to let it happen again. It’s a common plight among growing ecommerce businesses: scaling effectively while managing diversified product lines and inventory demands.


    The challenge for a brand growing as quickly as Ghost Golf is that every inventory order needs to be significantly larger than the last to keep up with the growing demand. With profit from sales unable to cover their increasing inventory needs, Andy began researching all of his options, from banks to seeking investment, looking for the best external funding options to help him grow Ghost Golf. He felt that traditional banking routes fell short of understanding their unique ecommerce model and growth potential. Then Wayflyer stepped in.

    Attuned to the nuances of Ghost Golf's marketing strategy and inventory requirements, Wayflyer presented a tailored revenue-based funding solution that advanced the right amount of cash to secure the large amount of inventory needed to meet their growth projections.

    “Traditional banks do not understand the business model that we're in. They struggle to understand the growth trajectory and hence they limit us in the funding that we get. My biggest regret last year was not having that conversation with Wayflyer sooner.” Andy Nalla, Founder, Ghost Golf


    The injection of Wayflyer funding changed the game for Ghost Golf. It wasn’t just about replenishing stock; it was about fueling an aggressive growth plan. In Q4 2023, Andy made true on his vow to never leave money on the table again. Ghost Golf doubled its revenue during the same period as the previous year.

    In the last six months, Ghost Golf’s sales have soared to $12 million. They’re now not just poised to meet demand but to exceed it, ensuring no opportunity is missed. As Andy and the team prep for another record-smashing year, their journey is a big, bold underline on how getting the right financial support can turbocharge an ecommerce high-flyer.

    "We have a pretty aggressive plan for 2023. With partners like Wayflyer already in the mix, we feel we're in a very good spot to accomplish our goals."

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