Geologie grow 10x in one year, reinventing skin care for men


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    Nick and Dave from Geologie

    It was back in 2017, when Nick Allen first began exploring the misinformation surrounding men’s skincare. He found there was hardly any education out there about men’s skincare - and that the education that did exist, was not good quality. He also found that there were no quality skincare products for men and that customer service in the industry was non-existent.

    It was clear to him that men's skincare had been treated as an afterthought for far too long. The entrepreneur in Nick saw an opportunity and that was when he (along with his co-founder Dave Skaff) founded Geologie.

    Geologie are now growing rapidly, and have been using Wayflyer funding to help purchase their inventory. Having more inventory available has led to more sales and faster growth for the Geologie team. This growth has allowed them to reach more and more men with the message that through the right products and practices they can revolutionize how they feel about their own skin.

    Delivering results to customers

    Since founding Geologie, Nick and his team have been laser-focused on delivering results to their customers. “Guys want results. We’re super-focused on results,” says Nick. “We developed a product of genuine high quality with dermatologist Dr Xu, but designed it to be adaptable in a way that allowed us to create personalized regimens. 65% of customers coming to us are new to skincare, so we’ve worked hard to educate them.”

    Geologie have created an experience as much as a product by delivering hands-on customer service and helping their customers to get the most out of their skincare routine. This experience has resonated with men all over the US and has resulted in huge demand for Geologie's products.

    A new set of challenges

    As demand grew for Geologie's offering, Nick and his team faced a new set of challenges; how do they continue to meet this demand? Geologie is Nick’s 3rd business and as a seasoned entrepreneur he knew he would need access to capital when scaling a company; “having access to the right funding, matched to your needs, is critical", says Nick.

    Funding to grow

    Wayflyer has played its part in the growth of Geologie by being able to provide the right funding for Geologie's needs. Since starting to work with Wayflyer in 2020, Geologie have used multiple rounds of funding to purchase inventory and make investments in their business - always delivering a strong return on their investment.

    With Nick’s focus on customer service, it is no surprise that this is something he looks for in the companies he partners with; “we talk about the importance of customer service to our product, and it is Wayflyer’s customer service that is so important for us,” says Nick. “There’s continuity, there’s not a new account person every week, they know us, they understand us, they’re comfortable with our cycles and how we’re using the capital. They’re super-friendly.”

    Wayflyer’s flexibility has also been something that Nick and his team have valued; “they’re flexible, we work with them and make adjustments. That is very difficult to get elsewhere, and it allows us to match our finance to our needs”, says Nick.

    Funding from Wayflyer has helped Geologie deliver incredible business results, with their revenue growing tenfold in just the last year. With big plans for the future, Nick and his team are as passionate as ever about continuing to grow their business and revolutionizing the skincare experience for men.


    YoY Sales Growth

    "Wayflyer knows us, they understand us, they’re comfortable with our cycles and how we’re using the capital. They’re super-friendly, and they’re flexible. All of that is very difficult to get elsewhere.”

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