How Wayflyer helped BIOHM grow by 94%


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    BIOHM Health wants to help you improve your gut health. Founded in 2017, they use microbiome data to help their customers take charge of their health and have capitalised on the huge trends in personal wellbeing over the last few years.

    With support from Wayflyer, they’ve been able to grow revenue by 94%. BIOHM founder, Afif Ghannoum, tells their story.

    Leaving opportunities on the table

    In early 2021, after several years of consistent growth for BIOHM, Afif noticed that he was leaving a lot of opportunities on the table. This was all due to cash constraints.

    His Facebook campaigns were getting a great Return on Ad Spend and he wanted to increase the budgets. But, with all the cash flow demands of a growing business, it was a real struggle to spend more on ads.

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    Afif considered his funding options and soon realised he didn’t want to sell more equity in his business. “When you need money to spend on advertising and inventory, it can be super expensive to raise it through equity”. says Afif.

    Afif tried working with another Revenue Based Finance provider but had a bad initial experience. “We felt they were playing games with us and would be really aggressive when discussing our funding options. It was really not a good experience”, says Afif.

    He wanted a source of funds to help him grow, but was struggling to find the right partner to work with.

    BIOHM supplement products

    The optimal funding solution

    That was when Afif found Wayflyer.

    With Wayflyer, Afif explains how it felt like a true partnership from the start; “I feel very comfortable working with Wayflyer because they are fully aligned with us. If we win, they win.” he says.

    After finding a funding offer that Afif was happy with, the cash was in his account the next day. “The cash came in within 24 hours and was free for us to use as we needed. It was just super simple”, says Afif.

    With these funds, Afif was able to increase his ad spend which instantly led to more traffic and more sales for BIOHM.


    Sales Growth

    Feedback on marketing performance

    As part of taking funding from Wayflyer, Afif also got access to Wayflyer’s Analytics team. He had a dedicated call with the Wayflyer team where he was presented with a full breakdown of BIOHM’s marketing performance. The Wayflyer team told him what was going well and gave him a list of big opportunities where BIOHM could improve.

    “The call with Wayflyer’s analytics team was super helpful. They walked us through our performance and gave very specific and actionable feedback for us to implement”, says Afif.

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    The impact; 94% revenue growth

    Funding from Wayflyer has unleashed BIOHM’s potential. With more cash for ads, they’ve been able to ramp up their marketing activity, getting their ads in front of more potential customers.

    Combined with Wayflyer’s feedback on their campaigns, this has led to a 94% increase in revenue. A huge result for Afif and his team.

    They’ve also used the cash to partner with some massive brands, all helping to spread the word about BIOHM.

    With their strong scientific background, Afif and his team are continuing to innovate and launch new microbiome products. They are excited about what the future holds for them and are passionate about empowering more people to improve their overall wellness by optimizing their gut health.

    I feel very comfortable working with Wayflyer because they are fully aligned with us. If we win, they win.

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