Announcing our partnership with Anvyl: Working together to help eCommerce brands scale

    Steven Cooney

    July 28, 2022


    We’re excited to announce our partnership with Anvyl, a leading platform that offers high-growth eCommerce brands a better way to manage their supply chains.

    This partnership means that Anvyl’s roster of high-growth, market-changing eCommerce brands will have access to financing from Wayflyer to help them solve cash flow challenges, buy inventory, and ensure their marketing budget matches their ambition.

    Anvyl customers will be able to access funding from $10k all the way to $20 million within days — check out the details here.

    Additionally, all Anvyl customers that receive funding from Wayflyer will have access to our analytics offering and marketing dashboard — helping them to understand their performance, make better marketing decisions, and ultimately accelerate their growth.

    Anvyl’s mission is to bring intelligent and connected supply chains to customers worldwide. It makes the complex task of managing supply chains simple. Coupled with our funding and insights, this partnership will make keeping on top of your supply chain, managing your cash flow around inventory orders, and deciding where to invest in your business to unlock growth much easier for eCommerce businesses.

    We’re incredibly excited to be working with Anvyl to help direct-to-consumer and eCommerce brands to reach their full potential. If you’re interested in learning more about the partnership, the type of capital we’ll be providing, and who is eligible, you can learn more and apply for funding here.

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