Announcing our expansion in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark

    Aidan Corbett

    September 15, 2022


    Today, I’m excited to announce our launch in Germany, as well as Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark.

    These markets have seen the eCommerce sector boom over the past few years, and we’re thrilled to be in a position to offer our products and services to founders in these countries.

    Helping eCommerce founders scale

    The current economic climate is a tough one for eCommerce businesses. We saw incredible growth in eCommerce sales at the start of the pandemic, but challenges like energy shortages, supply chain issues, and rising interest rates have created a testing environment for founders to operate within.

    But despite the challenging macroeconomic conditions, there’s still huge growth potential ahead for eCommerce businesses.

    To support founders and help the incredible eCommerce businesses operating in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and Denmark, we plan to deploy at least $200 million in these markets over the next year to help brands scale and achieve their ambitions.

    We’ve already worked with a range of customers across these countries and have seen some incredible results.

    Lennart Rieper is the founder of design award-winning sporting goods brand Stryve. Revenue-based finance helped Stryve place larger inventory orders and avoid costly stockouts during peak sales periods. "Wayflyer understands eCommerce," the young Hamburg founder says. "This is reflected in the simplicity of its offers."

    Another founder we’ve had the pleasure to work with is Clara Fiorella Teschner, owner of MyClarella — a Mannheim-based brand focused on expectant mothers and the special time after birth.

    We've also seen brands we've partnered with in the UK and Ireland expand their offerings into the German market, with London-based menswear brand SPOKE and Irish fitness brand BionicGym launching there recently.

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