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      You don't need to provide collateral or give up equity.

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    Sand Cloud used our financing for day-to-day operations, allowing them to invest their own money into building new products.

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    3,250+ brands across


    bags and briefcases

    • wild
    • true classic
    • cuts
    • geologie
    • sand cloud
    • current body
    • dock and bay
    • spongelle

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    Financing eligibility

    Brands need to meet the following criteria* to apply for financing with Wayflyer.

    • Monthly sales > $10,000

      Your business generates at least $10,000 in average monthly revenue through online sales.

    • 6 months+ of business

      Your business has been operating for at least 6 months.

    • Operate in a country we work in

      The US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany or Sweden.

    • Sell physical products

      Your business holds its own stock and sells physical products through online or retail channels.

    *Other underwriting criteria apply

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    Our financing solutions

    • Direct to Consumer

      Even the best Direct to Consumer brands are constrained by cashflow. It's just the nature of the business model. Having a financing partner by your side can be a game changer. Our purpose-built financing helps brands at each stage of their growth journey, from the early days through to becoming an internationally recognized brand.

    • Amazon

      Once you find a winning formula on Amazon, cash becomes your bottleneck to growth. Wayflyer gives the best Amazon Sellers access to more capital than anybody else on the market. And we will scale those cash injections as you grow, helping you capture profits you might've left on the table otherwise.

    • Wholesale

      Growing your retail presence is cash intensive. Cash is tied up in inventory for long periods, limiting what can be spent elsewhere. Wayflyer Wholesale Financing provides brands with ongoing access to cash, so they can seize the retail expansion opportunities that come their way.

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