Ecommerce Funding Masterclass

How To Use Funding To Maximise Your Valuation & Grow Your eCommerce Brand

Without Having To Give Away Any Equity Or Collateral
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The Ultimate Way To Fund Your eCommerce Growth And Maximise Your Valuation

In this exclusive training you’ll discover how to grow your brand with funding and how to maximise your valuation. You’ll discover the different types of funding options available as an eCommerce store owner and when to use them to increase your valuation.Knowing these strategies will help you make smarter investment decisions, take on less risk and retain more equity within your brand so you can maximise your valuation. The end result, you’ll end up with more equity and a greater payout when you sell in the future.

Meet Your Hosts

Stephen Duke
Director of Marketing, Wayflyer
An ex-Management Consultant turned Director of Marketing at Wayflyer who has grown it to a billion dollar valuation and unicorn status in under 2 years. In the last three years, he has spoken to over 400 of the world's best eCommerce businesses and learned about all the different ways people are funding their business.
Mark Corballis
Head of Funding, Wayflyer
A chartered accountant, ex-KPMG consultant and private equity specialist who has seen the good, bad and ugly when it comes to funding your business.
Dan Nugent
Co-Founder, AMBR Eyewear
Co-Founder of AMBR Eyewear who has used Wayflyer to fund short term growth and to increase ROAS by 47% and increased yearly sales by 238%.

Here's What You'll Discover

Here's What You'll Discover

"The BEST and most CONSEQUENTIAL hour I have spent as an e-commerce entrepreneur! Completely game changing content and advise.”
Tom Engquist
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Founder of Claim Defame
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If you’re interested in maximising your valuation, this is a training you won’t want to miss.  To gain access, simply click the button below to reserve your seat for the free masterclass.
Find out How To Use Funding To Maximise Your Valuation & Grow Your eCommerce Brand. Without Having To Give Away Any Equity Or Collateral