TikTok x Wayflyer

Getting Started

We require a minimum of $5,000 in average monthly revenue.
We will perform underwriting checks to assess how much you are eligible for. We will ask customers to connect their data sources and base their eligibility on that.

Please note there are a number of prohibited items which cannot be advertised on TikTok. Full list can be found here.

Once you have been approved for extended payment terms, setting up your ad account in the Wayflyer Business Center should take no longer than 3 days.

Once you set up your new ad account in the Wayflyer Business Center, you can share your pixel from your original ad account to ensure no event data is lost in operating your new ad account.

In the new ad account in the Wayflyer Business Center, you will be able to upload existing creatives, recreate audiences and start the same campaigns again if you so wish.
TikTok x Wayflyer is available to companies that are incorporated in the following countries: United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany or Sweden.
The ad account that you set up in the Wayflyer Business Center allows you to advertise in multiple regions. This is an added feature of our service and a benefit of managing your ads through the Wayflyer Business Center.
If you haven’t started advertising on TikTok yet, you can still avail of our offering. We have an in-house performance marketing team who are on hand to get you up and running. Simply book a call below to get started!

All your ad account data is secure and remains under your ownership in the Wayflyer Business Center.

You will be introduced to an account manager within the TikTok team, once this introduction occurs they will become your main point-of-contact. Wayflyer also has a team of TikTok specialists that will be at your service to help you succeed on the platform.  However, feel free to contact Wayflyer directly whenever you like!

If you would like to go back to using your old account, no worries! We can simply share your pixel back with the original account and you are free to spend with your normal terms. Wayflyer will assist with this transition.
  1. Audiences will need to be manually recreated in your new Wayflyer Ad Account. To check you are in the correct account, look at the top-right of the screen. The name of the account should look like “Your Business Name WF”
  2. Hover over 'Assets' and click 'Audiences’, you will have a selection of audiences you can re-create. We recommend re-creating audiences you have seen success with in your previous account.
  3. Now, simply copy the same criteria used to build your previous account’s audiences.

We recommend waiting 24 hours before creating custom audiences. This will ensure all data has been transferred correctly

*You can also create custom audiences from your CRM (Shopify, Hubspot etc.) by importing email addresses or phone numbers, see screenshot below. This audience can help build strong Lookalike audiences, which can be used in your prospecting campaigns.

Create a Custom Audience - Wayflyer x TikTok Image

1. We will generate a QR Code which will link your TikTok account with your new ad account.

  1. Your QR Code will look like this
Request access to TikTok Image

3. You will need to open your TikTok app on your phone or another device.

4. Make sure you are logged into your TikTok account on your secondary device.

5. From the TikTok app, tap on ‘Friends’

6. Tap to scan the code and authorize the access request.

1. Go to TikTok for Business and enter your existing business center.
2. Share your pixel with your existing Business Center by going to the Pixel section of your business center.
3. Click on Add Pixel

Mange your pixles in TikTok Business Center image

4. Then, in a new window or tab, go to your existing ad account and go to ‘Events’, and click on ‘manage’ under Web Events

TikTok Web Events image

5. Your Pixel ID will be a long number comprised of letters and numbers. Copy this ID number and return to the Business Center.

6. Paste your Pixel ID into the box shown below:

Add a Pixel ID image

7. Now the pixel will be visible in the pixels section of your existing Business Center

8. Now we need to partner the Pixel with your new Wayflyer Business Center. Highlight the pixel, click on ‘Partners’ and then ‘Share with Partner’.

PIxel ID Image

9. Input the Wayflyer Business Center ID (Your new business center). We will accept the request and you will see your pixel populate.

As you have shared your existing Pixel with your new account, this account will now take the learnings from your Pixel.

We recommend a slow transition of campaigns to your new accounts starting with your open prospecting campaigns.

1. Re-upload the creative that you plan on using in your new ad account.
2. Set up new campaigns using the same criteria from the campaigns in your original ad account.
3. Once your prospecting campaigns begin delivery you can slowly launch account.

Your Business Center ID is a unique number associated with your Business Center. It can be used to share and receive assets/requests to and from other accounts.

You can find your Business Center ID in the menu highlighted below

What is my Business Centre ID and where do I find it image

Wayflyer will invoice you directly 60 days after month end (ie. all of your September ad spend will be billed to you on November 29th) You will then pay Wayflyer, usually by direct debit.

The extended payment terms are offered at no extra cost. The services described on this page will cost you absolutely nothing except for the amount you spend on your TikTok ads each month.