Wayflyer dashboard overview video

Watch this video for a brief overview of the Wayflyer dashboard to help you get started with Wayflyer.


Your ‘user login’ is the email you initially used when signing-up to the Wayflyer platform.

Please fill out this form. To qualify for Wayflyer’s refer a friend programme, brands must be generating at least $20,000 of online revenue (in local currency). The referral bonus (of up to $4,000) is paid after funding has been accepted by the referee.

Financing / Advances
Please reach out to your customer success manager to request more funding. In order for Wayflyer to underwrite and analyze your business, your data sources must be connected to the Wayflyer app (including bank accounts, eCommerce payments platform and marketing, where possible). Additional funding is subject to underwriting review.
Remittance holidays are not something we support. We provide funding based on your revenue therefore, the amount you remit to Wayflyer will align with the performance of your business. This is known as ‘revenue based financing.’
Your customer success manager can provide you with this.
Typically, we don’t change deployment dates. In some cases we can facilitate a small deviation from the original date but you may incur a change in remittance structure as a result. Please contact your customer success manager if you wish to discuss making changes to the deployment date.
Remittances will start the day after receiving funds. Typically, remittances are initiated on a daily basis, depending on the terms of your agreement. However, as banks do not operate over the weekend, this could mean that on Monday, or the day after a national holiday, you may see several transactions in one day. Depending on your country, we use different payment processors who may have different processing times. You can see the expected remittance date in the ‘Financing’ section of your Wayflyer dashboard.
Typically, remittances are based on your daily sales and your account will be debited the day after. We can’t control the time of day that your bank processes this request. This may result in Wayflyer receiving a remittance amount from you before all of your sales have been processed for that day. For customers who have Amazon as their main eCommerce platform, we can provide weekly remittances to accommodate the lag in funds being received by the platform and deposited into your account.
This is determined on a case by case basis. To qualify for additional funding you must pass Wayflyer’s underwriting process so that we are confident that your business is performing. Successful funding in the past does not guarantee funding in the future. Typically, once you have remitted 75% of your advance, we welcome a new funding review.
We define revenue as your gross sales, less discounts, plus shipping and tax. It’s effectively whatever leaves your customers’ bank account. Please note, refunds and returns are not excluded when calculating sales revenue. We aim to fund 1x your average monthly revenue.
In accordance with our terms, you must get our consent to change the bank account associated with the advance and provide any requested documentation, including at, a minimum, two weeks of revenue and corresponding bank statements.
You can do this through your Wayflyer dashboard. In the “Settings” tab you need to click on the button “Connect another store” and follow the steps from there.
At the top on your homepage, you will see a button to ‘invite someone’. Bear in mind this will give the user access to view all data in the dashboard.
Wayflyer Freight
Due to changes in the macro environment, we have decided to pause our freight service. Please note - existing shipments with us are not affected by this change. If you have any other questions, please contact freight-team@wayflyer.com.