Connecting to BigCommerce

You can connect your BigCommerce store during the signup process. Once you select this shopping platform, you will be directed to BigCommerce to install our app and authorise the connection.
Step 1
When connecting your BigCommerce account during signup we will direct you to install our BigCommerce app.
Connect your eCommerce platforms image
Step 2
Select “Existing BigCommerce store” and click “Log in”
Wayflyer - to install image
Step 3
Click “Install” to add the Wayflyer app to your BigCommerce store.
Connect your BigCommerce Store Image
Step 4
Click “Confirm” to allow Wayflyer read-only access to your orders, customers and products.
Request an update image - Wayflyer
Step 5
If you already have a Wayflyer account:
Click “Connect” to complete the connection of your BigCommerce store. The BigCommerce store will then be connected to your Wayflyer account.

If you don’t have a Wayflyer account:
Click ‘Sign up’ to create a Wayflyer account. Your BigCommerce store will be connected automatically when you complete the signup process.
Connect Store to Wayflyer image
Step 6
Click ‘Connect’ to complete the connection to your BigCommerce store.
Confirm account to connect image